10 Incredible Art Cars

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Cars

10 Incredible Art Cars

If you’ve ever been to or even heard of Burning Man, you’re familiar with art cars. These beasts of the road make up the cooky caravans that people take as they make their way out to the desert to party, barter, chill, and trip balls.

But Art Cars aren’t just a Burning Man thing. This is an art form that goes back to the ’60′s, when hippies would paint crazy designs all over their automobiles. John Lennon and Janis Joplin even got in on the action! She had a psychedelic Porsche while he rocked a paisley Rolls Royce. Since then, the trend has taken off and people all around the world are still busting out the paint and the Krazy Glue, so they can decorate the crap outta their cars. And the most famous art car of all? None other than the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!

These cars may be impractical with their wings, bones, and lack of functional mirrors, but we definitely dig the style. These pictures are crazy fun to look at and if this is your kind of thing, you might want to check out Art Car Central’s blog. They’ve got tons of pics and more information about how you can attend a parade near you!

Photo Credits:
Lego Car via Art Car Central
Baby Heads & Parking Cones Car via CommonPlaceBook
Green Monster Car via Fun Fun Pics
Pez Tribute Car via Art Car Central
Metallic Monstrosity Car via Alan Around The World
Rainbow Bugvia Texas RV Travel
Crazy Mouth Mobile via scehardt.com
Ping Pong Car via Art Car Central
Double Beetle via Burning Man Discussion Boards
Fat Car via Art Car Central


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